Can opting for testosterone therapy really prove to be beneficial?

When it comes to the development of masculine characteristics in a man, hormone known as testosterone plays a key role. Testicles produce them in men and adrenal glands, as well as ovaries, produce them in women. It plays an important role in person’s thinking ability, memory, mood, sex drive, facial hair, mass muscle development and being of bones.  During early adulthood and adolescence, the percentage of this hormone’s production is greater and it starts decreasing after the individual crosses 30. This decrease is natural.

Some of the commonly found symptoms of low testosterone are erectile dysfunction, increased body fat, and decreased muscle mass. One needs to opt for proper medical care in case of these symptoms because they can also indicate other heath issues. Your physician would most probably conduct certain blood tests and then recommend the best suitable therapy to increase testosterone levels.  Such therapies to increase the concerned hormone offer the following benefits.

Healthy heart

Research has already proved the link between red blood cell production and testosterone. It reduces cardiovascular risks. Opting for testosterone therapy has also helped patients suffering from heart diseases. After undergoing the therapy people noted improvement in their improvement in their ability to walk long distances. The condition of arteries also improved.

The study also suggests that people who opt for such treatment are lesser prone to heart attacks and stroke.

Improvement in muscles and lesser fat

When combined with appropriate exercises, testosterone therapy can result in improved muscles and a leaner body mass. Some men also reported an increase in their overall since they started consuming medication to increase testosterone.

Capsules are most preferred as a part of therapy. However, you can also opt for testosterone gel, patches and creams that are easily available online these days.

Helps in keeping bones stronger

Osteoporosis, as well as weaker bones, is something that you should expect as you grow older. Thus, athletic performance becomes difficult and this also impacts internal organs. However, you can easily control this by taking medication to improve testosterone levels. The hormone improves bone mineral density to make them stronger and also offers support to muscles.

According to results of studies conducted before few years, hip bone and spine also get their share of positive benefits from testosterone treatment.

 Improves memory and ability to think

Testosterone is linked with person’s ability to think.  This is evident from studies that pointed out how testosterone treatment spatial memory of individuals and made them lesser prone to Alzheimer’s disease as well. It can prove to be effective for people from age group 34 to 70.

Better sexual performance

Men who are too much interested in sexual activities often have higher testosterone levels. The hormone plays an important role in erectile function and libido. Obviously, opting for testosterone therapy also helps in improving person’s sex life.  However, in the case of low sexual performance, this therapy should be started only after consulting with your doctor and performing necessary blood tests.

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