May 15, 2015

Putting together a well-functioning aquarium which will support the health of your fish isn’t easy, and it can also be a huge financial undertaking. This is why a number of fish lovers will hop online and begin to look for second-hand aquarium and fish supplies. While there are some supplies which you may be able to find at a great price second-hand, there are other supplies which you should buy brand-new. Below we will list the three items which you should never buy used in order to ensure the perfect aquatic environment for your pets.

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The Aquarium Products You Must Buy Brand-new

If a fish lover is patient and well-educated on what to look for, then they may be able to save a bundle by purchasing aquarium supplies second-hand. Even then, however, experienced fish owners know that the following items should always be purchased brand-new when they get their new underwater environment ready for their fish. The first on our list is:

The Heater

This may come as a surprise to some fish owners who have purchased a heater or received a heater for free. After all, their heater worked just fine – why buy one brand-new for more than double the price?

Aquarium Supplies Heater

The heater you place in your aquarium can either create a hospitable environment for your fish and other underwater creatures, or it can quickly end their lives within a matter of hours. Old and used heaters usually fail in one of two ways:

The heater will become stuck on one position, being unable to change temperature; or
The heater will completely fail to heat up the water.
Both issues will kill all of your aquatic livestock, which is not only devastating but the replacement costs may be more than investing in a brand-new heater in the first place.

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The Food

Oddly enough, some individuals who have previously had fish and decided it was not for them will sell second-hand food. To buy this is clearly a bad decision (particularly as fish food is not expensive to begin with), but if you are still on the fence, consider that:

The food may be contaminated;
The food may be passed its expiration date; and
The food may not be exactly what is listed on the label (i.e. the owner may have added other items to the food, or put an entirely different food in the container).
Aquarium Supplies Food

Always purchase your fish food brand-new and make sure that the container has been properly sealed. Anything else should be discarded and not used.

The Treatments and Conditioners

Much like the issue which was brought up about fish food, an opened bottle of conditioner or treatment is not something which should be purchased second-hand. Think of it this way: would you purchase a bottle of water which has clearly already been opened? The answer to this question is a resounding “No!” You should not do the same to your fish and aquatic livestock.

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