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Prenatal Check-ups: What to Expect on Your First Visit

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June 21, 2016

It’s your very first prenatal appointment and you’re probably looking forward to it.

But what exactly is prenatal care all about?

What happens while you’re in the doctor’s clinic?

Your first prenatal care visit usually occurs in the first trimester, between eight and ten weeks.

During this time, you probably have a lot of questions you want to ask your obgyn concerning your lifestyle and health condition.

Your doctor will decide how frequent your visits will be based on your health and risk factors.

The Importance of Prenatal Care

From your first to third trimester, it is important that you visit your obgyn regularly to monitor your health and that of your baby.

During your prenatal care visit, your doctor will also educate you about pregnancy and childbirth. In addition, you will also likely be given counseling and support.

With regular appointments, your doctor will be able to closely monitor your health condition as well as your baby’s development.

Likewise, frequent visits will help provide answers to any questions you might have as you progress through your pregnancy.

In most cases, your healthcare provider will ask about your medical history.

This would include:

  • Blood pressure
  • Height and weight
  • Allergies to food and drugs
  • Previous hospitalizations
  • Breast and cervical exam
  • Your social and family history
  • History of miscarriages or abortions
  • The type of birth control methods you’re using
  • Current medications or supplements you’re taking
  • If you have been exposed to any contagious disease
  • Medical and psychosocial problems (to identify any pregnancy risk factors)
  • The date of your last menstrual period or LMP (this is to determine gestational age as well as expected date of delivery or EDD)

During your visit, you most likely have a lot of things you would like to ask.

The following questions should be included in your list.

  • When is my expected delivery date?
  • Are all the symptoms I’m having normal?
  • Is it advisable to take prenatal vitamins?
  • What does high-risk pregnancy means?
  • Am I considered high-risk?
  • What exercises would you recommend to me?
  • What type of foods do I need to eat regularly?
  • What particular foods do I need to avoid eating?
  • What particular symptoms do I need to watch out for?
  • Am I still allowed to have sex while pregnant?
  • Is there a particular food or medication I can take to relieve morning sickness?
  • Is it normal not to experience some symptoms like nausea and vomiting?

Common prenatal tests

Aside from asking for your medical history, your obgyn will often also ask you to undergo a few tests. This often includes urinalysis to check the presence of protein in your urine and see if you’re at risk for preeclampsia, otherwise known as pregnancy hypertension.

You may also have to undergo some blood test to rule out a few potential problems such as anemia, HIV, hepatitis, and gestational diabetes.

Other tests that you will most likely need to undergo include:

Pelvic examination

During this procedure, you’ll have to take a Pap test to rule out cervical cancer.

A bimanual examination will also be performed to check the size of your pelvis and uterus. In addition, it can determine the presence of any abnormalities in your uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR)

This is a screening test to determine the presence of a sexually transmitted infection called syphilis. This type of infection can be transmitted through the placenta to the fetus.

Untreated cases of syphilis can potentially cause congenital syphilis, a severe condition that can cause brain damage, tooth deformities, and nerve damage.

While your first prenatal visit can be exciting, it can also be stressful, considering all the tests you will likely undergo. Fortunately, these tests are always worth the hassle as it would help guarantee your well-being and overall safety and that of your baby.

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Are You Ready To Exchange Your Boiler?

Health and Fitness

July 14, 2015

Having an projected 6 zillion central heating boilers nearing the end in their entire life in england, is it time to simply call time around the boiler at your residence? Boilers consider all around 50Per cent of what spent 12 months on bills so substituting a classic boiler using a newer, extremely effective an individual could help you save money in the long term. In addition to that, but outdated central heating boilers can be threatening. Gas safety factors are a major matter and may be used critically.

The most apparent point of all the is absolutely not a physical signal but only a multitude; age your boiler. Central heating boilers ordinarily go on for close to 12 many years so in case you are nearing that with your own boiler then it would be the perfect time to give some thought to selecting a new.

Tune in out for hit-or-miss bumps and thumps from within the boiler itself along with the plumbing about your place. From time to time these disturbances may be taken care of by hemorrhaging your radiators to remove any environment bubbles kept in the unit but it can also be an indication of wear and tear.

If you are continually having to deal with fluctuations in tension and heat then it usually is a sign your boiler is on its solution.

Though the surge in strength bills is not really instantly linked to your boiler, if you buy a new and more successful version, then you may save some money rather than shelling out through and over just to keep your ancient boiler in provider

It might appear such as an evident indication but when you are continually experiencing problems with your boiler, then which is perhaps a good warning sign that it is time and energy to contact the end with the street to your established boiler. At the same time all central heating boilers needs to be often maintained, if you find that you will be requiring you to simply call an professional out more often than once per year, or needing to talk to the teaching handbook to make changes by yourself, then it will be well worth examining the price of replacing the boiler you have.

As pointed out above, the best benefit to getting a new boiler is fee. However you should spend some money to economize, should you be pondering long term then you may spend less an awful lot of income, some quotes recommend around £300 12 months. New boilers are far better, mostly as they are condensing boilers which means these people have a greater heat exchanger than aged styles consequently it drops a lot less warmth. While nicely checked once slightly older boilers could be useful, they merely do not compare to more recent versions.

When you do make the decision to get your boiler exchanged then make certain you do your homework and read high on the various kinds of boilers offered, creating a well informed selection on which is the right one for you as well as your residence. It can be also smart to make packages for the way you may manage whilst you are with out warming and boiling water, while it are only for any short period of time.

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January 23, 2015

So, you have finally decided to become a medical assistant, thanks to the medical assistant salary offered to the experienced candidates. Apart from educational qualifications, there are some other important qualities, which every medical practitioner must possess.

What are the important qualities?

Analytical skills form an integral part of a reliable medical assistant. Medical assistants must have the liberty to understand and even follow some of the basic medical charts, followed by diagnoses.They are even trained well to deal with the code of a patient’s medical records. These are used for billing purpose.

What is detail oriented service?

Medical assistants are asked to be precise while checking out vital signs of a patient. In case, they are recording patient information, then they need to be extra careful. They should be aware of the point that insurance companies and physicians rely on their recorded versions only.

What are their interpersonal skills?

A medical assistant must have interpersonal skills, as one of the major qualities to possess. They must have the right to discuss patient information with some of the other medical practitioners, like physicians. Their interactive skills need to be sharp to interact with patients who are in distress or pain.

What are the basic technical skills?

Apart from the points mentioned above, a medical assistant must possess the best technical skills. They must have the basic knowledge to use clinical instruments when required, for checking out the vital signs of a patient. Some of the basic signs are blood pressure and heart rate.

How to determine the salary package?

The points, mentioned above, are used to determine the present salary package of a medical assistant employee. The medium salary stays within the $30,000 bracket on yearly scale, and can hike up with growing experience and certificates. Better get those certificates from affiliated schools.

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