Emergency relief: 3 Human Appeal projects you should know about



Aid and development charity Human Appeal UK is involved in a number of projects that are helping people in war-torn countries around the world. Here, we explore three of the areas that the organisation is working in.



Six years into Syria’s civil war, the conflict shows no immediate sign of drawing to a close and the country’s people continue to suffer. More than 400,000 people have been killed and millions more have been displaced. Over half of the population now live in poverty and the country’s infrastructure has been devastated. Many people lack access to essentials including food and medical supplies.

Human Appeal has set up two field offices in the country and, along with partners such as the World Food Programme and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), it’s been providing families with food parcels, flour, clear water, healthcare and shelter.


Yemen continues to suffer the effects of the conflict between government forces and those allied to Houthi rebels. Thousands have been killed and, according to the UN Refugee Agency, nearly 1.5 million are internally displaced. The country is in the grip of a humanitarian disaster, with over four-fifths of the population in need of aid. Nearly 15 million people are food insecure, while around 20 million lack proper access to clean water and sanitation. Many millions are also without adequate healthcare and nearly two million children are not receiving a school education.

Human Appeal is working on the ground in Yemen to provide life-saving relief. For example, it has supplied thousands of food parcels and delivered a safe water project benefiting over 7,000 households. It has also helped to educate people about the cause of the dengue virus.


Iraq is still suffering severe unrest in the wake of the 2003 invasion, with fighting continuing between government forces and armed rebel groups. Over three million people have been displaced and the UNOCHA estimates that around 10 million people require emergency assistance. One of the focal points of the fighting, Mosul has been particularly badly affected and many people are fleeing the city to camps.

As well as providing food parcels to people in these camps, Human Appeal has been giving blankets to families in need. This year, it also plans to set up a bakery near the camps to supply food to as many as 50,000 people every day. It will also provide clean water and sanitation facilities to a number of camps across Iraq and develop learning centres for displaced children to use.

Through its involvement in projects like these, Human Appeal is helping to ease the suffering of desperate people in war-torn areas. You can find out more about the work it does by visiting the charity’s website.

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