Anavar aka Oxandrolone is one of the best anabolic drugs to obtain a toned, ripped physique. It aids to increase athletic performance, improve muscle and vascularity while attempting to burn excess calories in the body. It is one of the safest steroids for increasing muscle mass. Athletes and muscle builders frequently use Var and get benefitted.

Do you think an Anavar diet plan is necessary for performance enhancement or bodybuilding result? I could say it merely depends on one’s body composition and personal goals. Users should note that the drug only does not do any miracles. Besides, the users should take some effort to acquire the necessary changes. Anavar diet plan works out well for most of the users. Both women and men may have advantages from Anavar provided following a strict diet and lifestyle changes. Anavar, an anabolic androgenic drug mimics the male hormone testosterone.

What does Anavar do?

When the user takes Anavar regularly on his own cycle, he may think about the Anavar results. He may have confusion about go here the results and side effects. Primarily, the lean muscles start to improve in the body. Once the user starts to see the result, he should eat nutritiously more and exercise. Diet for men taking Oxandrolone is restricted. While seeing the improvements, one shall regularly do exercise. When taking a proper diet with exercise, it is certain that the muscle increasing rate will be seen obviously. Though Anavar aids in muscle increasing, one should know how to maintain the muscles that are formed by Anavar.

How does Anavar benefit?

Anavar constructs the lean muscle mass by various methods of action. Primarily it promotes nitrogen uptake which in turn promotes protein synthesis by preventing the synthesized protein catabolism. Since muscle cells do not break down and convert into glucose, users may see                  long-lasting results. As Anavar stimulates metabolism, the body shreds fat by increasing muscle mass. The Cutting cycle of Anavar is famous among the athletes and the bodybuilders. A perfect cutting cycle provides well-built muscle mass which is followed by a calorie restricted diet to eliminate the fat level. Such kind of cutting cycle is important to many athletes as the diet reduces water retention. When there is no much water retention and fat around the muscles, a solid physique will appear.

Anavar doses

Anavar doses and cycles are simple to follow. Anavar doses for female are 10 mg per day up to 8 weeks, whereas for men 50-80 mg per day up to 10 weeks is advised. As Anavar may react with liver function and cause damage liver, it is better to add supplements to prevent the liver damage. Besides, drinking more water, Clenbuterol cycles, using milk thistle are the other methods to protect the liver.

Anavar diet plan

High levels of protein are must for the Anavar diet plan. They not only aid muscle development and growth but also help to rejuvenate, repair and increase the overall health of the users. Diet for men taking Oxandrolone includes Fat-free dairy products, egg white portion, beans, skinless chicken, Soy. Taking a low carbs is essential for energy. Avoid taking white carbohydrates and choose the natural resource of carbs to acquire energy.


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