The different material of tiles is available in the market that is used for decoration of rooms, bathroom, kitchen and other areas of the house. Tiles not only give the modern look to the area but also it is easy to the maintenance of the area become easy if the material used can easily be washed and clean.  Types of tile material for the bathroomis given below.

Some tiles are so designed that water or other liquid do not affect them so they have a long life in wet areas. These are made of cement. The titles in this category are cement type, porcelain, cottontempo and ceramic wood-like tile. They are made beautiful by giving them different prints and images.

Kimono silk series in tiles are used as shower tiles. They are easy to clean and gives bathroom the beautiful look. it is so made that scratches donot appear on tiles. These are long lasting.

Granite and marble tiles are very common and used in many places. People prefer to have in their bathroom because of its elegant look and soft colors. Tile size is 12*12 inches. These are easy to install.

Linear glass type tiles are the modern type. They give an extra luxury look to the bathroom. The shapes available in this type is diamond, rectangle, or round shape.

All the types of tiles give the appealing look to click here the room, it depends on thechoice of person what type to be installed according to type and budget present.


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