Hubsan X4 H107c RC Quadcopter with 2MP Camera

4 x blades

With 4 stations and USB cable layout

Here is a great miniature Drone.  The hubsan-x4-h107c-hd is a good choice for novices looking for a miniature drone using a camera.  It is cheap and offers features found in costlier and larger versions.  It fast and a blast to fly.

1 x charging cable

6-axis flight management system

USB charging cable enables to control it by pc

The X4 gets the ability and responsiveness to meet your abilities as you develop into a quad-rotor ace.   Complex circuitry gyros, and accelerometers provide stability to the Hubsan X4 H107c rc quadcopter with camera.  Every time you power-on the X4, its software calibrates the version for flight.

Switching between Professional and Standard mode is as simple pressing the ideal control stick.  A bright LED light offers information indicating Regular and status or Professional mode.  Trim adjustments are simple and fast due to digital adjustment buttons and its LCD display.

4-ways reverse (left, right, forward, backward)

The miniature size makes it pocket-portable for indoor trip almost everywhere, however its quad-rotor push makes it strong enough to fly out.  Blue LED lights built into also the LiPo battery that is added, and also the body light the way provides lots of power and recharges.

Exhilarating Interesting Aerobatics X4’s large push, slim down, and exceptionally responsive controls enable you to perform incredible stunts with only a flick of those sticks.  The X4 snaps right into backward and forward rolls with lightning pace.  Turns can be even made by the X4!  Take your hands and also also the X4 contributes to a stable and strong hover.

The Hubsan X4 H107c is totally ready-to-fly, The 2.4GHz Transmitter carries a complete complement of renaming attributes.  Every time X4 and the transmitter are powered on, the transmitter binds to the helicopter.

1 x battery

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