Like Archery? Compound Bows are Great As well

If you like archery for sport or for hunting, you might have used traditional bows. But have you tried archery and compound bows?

Compound bows use cables and a system of pulleys to pull back its bowstring. It is constructed to help achieve a faster and more forceful shot.

Anatomy of The Compound Bow

Compound bows have limbs. They serve a as a bridge to store the energy when you pull back on an arrow and also help transfer the force to the string, then to the arrow.

There is also the riser, which is commonly made from machined aluminum. This is the central part of the bow and where the limbs are attached to.

Compound bows also have several types of cams serving as a pulley system. There are different types of cams but it basically transfers forces from your body to the limbs then to the arrow.

Of course, there is the bow string, cables, and other parts such as cable guard, cable slide, peep sight, sight, vibrator arrester, stabilizer, wrist sling, among others.

If you are tired of your old bow and want to give compound bows a try, below is a quick guide on how to choose one.

Eye dominance

Before even thinking of archery and compound bows, you first need to know what’s your dominant eyes. You basically want to know whether input from the right or is more accurate than the left eye’s and vice versa.

Normally, your dominant eye will be on the same side as your dominant hand. However, it is not uncommon to see some switch hitting or cross dominance.

Draw Length

You need to know what’s your draw length. You can go to an archery store and have it measured if you don’t want to the trouble of doing it on your own.

If you want to estimate your draw length, just measure your wingspan. Measure it from one middle finger to another and divide whatever you’ll get with 2.5. That’s a good estimate of your draw length.

Axle To Axle Length

Don’t think of car axles when you talk about axle of compound bows. Axles on bows help power the arrow and they are the wheel-like like structures you’ll find on the bow.

The axle to axle length is important because it helps determine how the size of your bow so it will fit the kind of hunting or shooting you intend to do. If you get a long compound bow, it will be difficult for you to position yourself or move around while hunting or shooting.

Draw Weight

Draw weight is how much you pull back with your compound bow. There is really no equation to know this bu what’s usually done is you start low and eventually adjust as needed. As your archery skills advance and as your muscles get used to the workload, the heavier you will be able to pull. Today, you can easily find compound bows that come with adjustable draw length and draw weight.

When you try archery and compound bows, don’t worry if you do not hit the target the first time. Make adjustments and make sure you practice on a regular basis.

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