Scientifically proven: Top 5 methods that boost your testosterone

In this article, you will learn about 5 scientifically proven methods that will boost your testosterone – without doping.

The lifestyle factors are at the forefront, above all the things that we stress every day. Here lies the greatest lever for real progress.

Increase Testosterone # 1 – Training with heavy weights

Cross Lift 1RM Repetition Maximum right exercise, the “R” in the M.A.R.K. Formula, is one of the most effective means to stimulate the testosterone production of your body. Strength training with heavy weights will help.

By the way, not only if you want to increase your testosterone, but also if you want to reduce body fat and avoid the yo-yo effect. You can obviously influence the hormone response of your body by varying the duration of the sentence pauses between the training sessions.

In one study, men were the most likely to have testosterone when they were taking a 90-second break between the squats and squats. 60 seconds of pause led to a lower testosterone release, but this shorter pause stimulated a higher growth hormone.

Increase Testosterone # 2 – Sprints

Classic cardio training can also boost your testosterone. At least, if you do it right. High-intensity interval training helps. A crisp six-second sprint can significantly increase the testosterone value, shows a study conducted with young men. The total testosterone of subjects is also increased 20 minutes after the exercise. However, long thawing units like marathon training can negatively affect your testosterone level.

A study by the University of British Columbia observed several groups of long-distance runners: Runners running more than 100 training kilometers a week have significantly less free testosterone in the blood than athletes who pursue a non-endurance discipline two or four times a week. This is also one of the supplements you can take.

Increase testosterone # 3 – sunlight (or vitamin D)

Would you know that sperm have vitamin D receptors? Vitamin D does not only affect fertility in men. Obviously, vitamin D plays an important role in the production of bodybuilding hormones. Studies show that the testosterone level in men with a previously low vitamin D level increases when they use a vitamin D dietary supplement for a year. Vitamin D is also one of the basic preparations I recommend on page 6 of the Food Supplement Guide to those who want to optimize their supply of vital micronutrients. Vitamin D is a safe and beneficial dietary supplement that protects you against a testosterone deficiency.

Increase testosterone # 4 – Saturated and monounsaturated fats

What is metabolism most people think of omega-3 and other unsaturated fats when they think of “healthy fats”. But your body also needs saturated fats, especially for testosterone production. Healthy fats are found mainly in natural, unprocessed foods such as fresh meat, dairy products, certain oils, coconut and other nuts, eggs, olives or avocados. Increase testosterone with healthy fats.

Increase Testosterone # 5 – Zinc

Zinc Mineral Zinc is a mineral that is often associated with a testosterone-boosting effect. In fact, a zinc supplement can boost your testosterone but only if you suffer from a zinc deficiency. If you are doing a lot of sports, the risk of suffering from a zinc deficiency increases because you lose zinc when sweating.

These were the top 5 tips of supplements you can take.


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