The steroid hormone which is in human body is testosterone. It is a part of androgen hormones which are produced in the body and these help in monitoring the synthesis as well as secretion of hormones. When a person is looking to increase the testosterone levels, then they must also be aware of the side effects as well of risks which can be caused by increase of testosterone in blood.

Increase in testosterone may cause side effects

There are negative effects of testosterone which are due to increased levels of testosterone. But this does not mean that one must avoid the supplements. It is just to note that one must understand what role testosterone plays in the body and what the normal level is. This level changes with age and gender, the only thing a person must note is what will happen when the levels are high in a human body. In a body the most powerful components are hormones and will have its influence on function of the body. The body system sees that the hormones are always balanced carefully and maintained. If there are excess hormones it will have effect on other hormones and its

Side effects in males as well as females and damages the system.

The increase in testosterone steroid causes side effects in males as well as females. The side effect may be mild which can be temporary and serious which causes any damage to the functioning of the system. The medically available testosterone can be in the form of injectable, or solutions. Gels and jellies are also available which has the capabilities to release. The side effects depend on the strength and the medicine form. The side effects include pain at the place where the injection is given, cough and sometimes there will be dyspnea after the injection is done. There will be swelling sometimes which is because of the fluid which is trapped in the cellular structures.

Side effects caused by using testosterone pills

The use of testosterone pills, gels as well as creams has many side effects. The main side effects seen are headache, anxiety. The person experiences muscle pains and weakness, dry skin and sometimes acne is seen. The person many be in depression sometimes. When using creams and lotions there may be skin reactions and allergies can be caused like itching and rashes. The treatment can affect other system like cardiovascular, metabolic and even nervous system. The dosage as well as the treatment frequency will have impact. The side effects can be mild or serious. The common side effects include increase in weight, appetite and retention of fluids from the body. The musculoskeletal system can be affected and there can be spasms in muscles, the person may experience pain in his extremities and stiffness. In genitourinary system there can be ejaculation disorder, enlarged prostate. There can be side effects in integumentary system also; like the person may feel pain in the place where the injection is given. Inflammation can be caused at the place and abscesses. Swelling can also be seen at the place where the cream or lotion is applied. Rashes and burning sensation is also experienced sometimes.

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