Worker Compensation Law 101: What Every Employee Should Know

Knowing more about Worker compensation laws is something all skilled laborers should do. This law is most beneficial to workers who work high-risk jobs that may result in injuries. In simple terms workers’ compensation is a set of rules that may differ depending on that state which serves as a financial safety net for employees who acquire injuries while on the job. Included in the compensation are, but not limited to medical expenses, lost salary, rehabilitation, and disability payments. This system is set by the state but is financed by the employer which is why it can sometimes be a hassle for an employee to access the compensation.

Why Workers’ Compensation Was Introduced

Before worker compensation laws were enacted employees had to go through a long and dragging litigation process at their own expense. States sought to make the process more employee-friendly by introducing the worker’s compensation. Without the intervention of these laws employees have a higher chance of losing court cases and end up recovering nothing in the process.

On the employer’s side, these laws protect them from losing large amounts during litigation for cases that they lose. In the larger sense workers’ compensation is basically a form of insurance program instated b the government that protects both employer and employee.

What Is Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

Getting injured while working is not something any employee or employer wants to happen, but during unfortunate circumstances there are some accidents bound to happen. If you do get injured while working or doing a work-related task here are some financial expenses that are usually covered by workers’ compensation:

Traumatic and debilitating physical injuries that result in an employee losing their ability to perform everyday work-related tasks.

Injuries caused by repeated trauma from performing a specific task for a certain period of time.

Mental injuries sustained while working for a company.

Occupational diseases caused by continuous exposure to certain hazardous materials.

What Are the Benefits of Workers’ Compensation?

If you or any of your loved ones have obtained any form of injury and it can be traced back to your tasks at work you have certain benefits covered under worker compensation laws. Here are some financial assistance that are covered under the law:

Most if not all of you medical care expenses

Disability benefits that are either temporary or permanent depending on the state of the employee

Covers loss of wages

Rehabilitation expenses

Possible educational assistance

Take note that these are just some of the basic benefits covered by workers’ compensation. These benefits may change depending on state laws as well as your employer’s contract. To ensure that you get all the benefits you deserve always read through the workers’ compensation manual or do some research, especially if you are working a high-risk job. In case you are having trouble with understanding the laws or if you have already suffered work-related injuries and want to process your claim successfully, speak to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer for some advice on how to proceed with your claim.
Worker compensation laws were created to protect you. Learn the A-Z of this law at so you know your rights and so you know how you can protect yourself from abuse.

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